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 Big Brain Academy (Wii) - Sam Kendall

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PostSubject: Big Brain Academy (Wii) - Sam Kendall   Sat Feb 16, 2008 2:46 am

Big Brain Academy (Wii)
Big Brain Academy Wii

Thatís right the brilliant DS game has come to the wii and we have the review. So lets start with the basics, this is not a normal game. Ts not a kill these men in 10minutes or race to the finish line game this is a game to help you get smarter. Now thereís no problem with that so were going to rate like any normal game. Firstly is the single player part of the game. To say its educational its actually really fun and addictive. The test isnít too long but isnít too short and the medals help add to the replability. When this game comes into its own itís the multiplayer game. There are three types of multiplayer mode. The first is mind sprint. In this part of multiplayer you must race each over to the finish by solving the puzzles the fastest. This is easily the most addictive of the games. The next is the mental marathon. You must work together to answer the questions without getting one wrong and keeping to the time limit. This can be very frustrating and you need a good team to get a decent high score. The last of the multiplayer games is a grid based game where you must solve as many of the puzzles in the time limit to earn the most points. Although what the game does have is very entertaining it just hasnít got enough to keep you hooked for a long time. Youíll probably have got all the medals in a month and thatís only if youíre a decent gamer. Overall brain training is a good game but it just isnít long enough to be a high scorer.


- Gets Boring after about a couple ofweeks

- Too easy to get medals

+ Addictive Multiplayer modes

+ Fun and inspired games

+ Only £20



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Big Brain Academy (Wii) - Sam Kendall
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