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 Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

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PostSubject: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl   Sat Feb 16, 2008 2:52 am

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl review
To get ready for the release of Pokemon Battle Revolution, we’ve got a special review of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. The game I’ve been playing for the past month, trying to get every Sinnoh Pokemon there is!

The Wait is finally over

Gamefreak announced the game a year back, giving all Pokemon fans a big excitement. Sometime after that they announced that Pokemon Diamond/Pearl will be able to connect up to the Wii game Pokemon Battle Revolution! Before the game was released everyone quickly started to finish there old Pokemon games, ready to upload there Pokemon on to Diamond/Pearl. When the game got released, people were close to finishing of there Sinnoh Dex ready for the National Dex. This game had made it to the top in a week!

Poke tech

Poke tech is a new thing in the game. It tells the time, shows how steps you’ve done in the game, tells you how your Pokemon are doing in the day care centre and much more. Poke tech can be useful in the game and, out of the game. Say you’re doing some very hard maths homework; get out the calculator to know all. And if you’ve lost your clock your clock, switch on the game and the time will be there! Poke tech is probably one of the best pieces on technology in all the Pokemon Series.

Sinnoh’s Latest Legendary’s

Before the game was released, people thought there was going two only two legendary’s, Palkia and Dialga. Think again, there’s more than five different legendary’s on the Sinnoh Dex. Gamefreak kept hush, as they didn’t want to give it away. So to everyone who’s got the game, make sure you’re ready when a legendary pops up (It could be anywhere!).

Trade across the Globe

Most of the people who have finished there Pokedex probably used WFC. WFC mode is the best way to get your Pokedex complied, so this mode is very popular. The top five Pokemon to catch are (In any order): Dialga, Palkia, Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig. The WFC mode is probably one of the best modes on the game.

The Sinnoh Region

The game play on the game is pretty good. The clock on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl goes by the real time, meaning catching Pokemon will be more fun! The gyms have been updated, meaning new Pokemon to battle. Plus they’ve added one cooler thing, Pokemon Contests! This is where you compete to get a ribbon, doing a range of things. The first thing is dressing your Pokemon; you’ll get a rate from the crowd. The second one is dancing, you get marked bye how good you are. The last one is where you use your attacks; they’ll give you a star rating for the attack and the way you use the attack. After the three challenges you’ll get a final score to see who’s won the contest, you’ll be rewarded a ribbon at the end.

You gotta play this game

People, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl will rock your world. If you haven’t got it you’re missing out on loads.

Stay tuned to Nintenrealm for the upcoming preview of Pokemon: Battle Revolution!


+New Pokemon to catch

+A whole new map

+New legendary Pokemon

+Brilliant gameplay

-Same old Pokemon story


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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
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